The Cemetery For All Things

Invites you

to offer a part of you that has died,
that you’ve had to let go of or decided to abandon.
An idea, an ideal, a conviction, a story, an obsession, 
a love, a revenge, a fear, a desire, a hope…

The Thing will be received through an interview
and carefully transformed into a seed.
After a conversation, we will ask for
your Thing’s name, date of birth,
date of death and the desired words for its epitaph.
You do not need to have a clear idea
coming into the interview, and you can
remain anonymous.

The funerals will take place during an exhibition
where the seeds will be planted in
individual handcrafted burial pots. 
( made by talented Sharlen Marie McCarthy )
Members of the audience will be able to
take one pot for free after signing a contract
committing them to take care of
the seed’s healthy growth.

If you would like to burry a Thing of yours,
please get in touch with Taïs Bean

Yours Truly,
The Cemetery For All Things