“The Radical Animists” and “The Institute for Trans-Species Studies” are part of a near future, explored through archives of publications and documents. A narrative oscillating between a trans-humanist dystopia and a utopian collaboration between Human and other species, the story explores our ecological and metaphysical crisis through the lens of future folklore; dreams that might come to reality and nightmares we should probably put to sleep.

They were exhibited in Berlin in 2019, at “All Tomorrow’s Futures”, a fictional archive museum looking at our current pre-collapse period already dreaming its rebirth.
Prints and publications available on demand, please contact me for more info.

S&L, 2019, Limited edition of 25 prints, 60x84cm

The Radical Animist Fanzine : Issue #6, June 2023.
Contact me if you would like to acquire a bounded edition, along with “A Brief History of the Human Institute for Trans-Species Studies”

Walk in Macro Cosmos, Photo Series, 2018, Limited editions of 25 fine art print each, size on demand

The Radical Animist (I, II, III, IV), 2019, Limited edition of 25 prints each, 21x29cm

Open Letter from a Shrub to Humans, 2019, Limited edition of 25 prints, 84x119cm