Shown at Mint Works’ GHOST group show, 26 Oct. - 10 Nov. 2018, at Guest Projects, London. Photos by Hicham Gardaf

Spectral Spine - A skeleton of what remains, 2018
Here is a secret map to limbs of limbos, inhabited by lingering ghosts, guests wanting to remain hosts. Hearts slit up into landslides, age old or juvenile breakages, landscapes, scraps of escapes. Settlements burnt out by madnesses, birthing nomadesses. In one's heart grows a home like a tree would grow, pulled by light and shaped by shaded phrases. The Spectral Spine is the first chapter for a vaster mapping of all these things, and maybe more. This Spectral Spine feeds on stories, it can be exchanged with a walk through the beneficiary's chosen area. During the walk the current Spine's owner (Taïs Bean) and the beneficiary will ask each other any question that they want about lingering ghosts, about each other's Spectral Spines. The only rules are : total honesty and confidentiality. The walk will not be documented by any means, and will only live through a secret memory. This is the only way this work can ever be exchanged. It has no monetary value whatsoever., 2018