Art Licks Weekend 2017




Sunday 01/10
12pm - 2pm
Round Table

With a lunch by Fred Hubble

Julie Hill from Passeng-ers:
Sean Rohr from Platform Southwark:
Javier Calderon from the Chalton Gallery:
Demelza Woodbridge, artist
Ilana Blumberg and Mark Lungley from the Side Room Gallergy
Jean Feline, artist and co-director of Mint Works with Flo and Tais

Tuesday 03/10
7pm - 10pm
Screening night
'Rustle in the Bushes'

Olga Koroleva
With Grandfather 10’’16
Alex Anikina
Ostrannenie 8''13
 Some Entropy in Your Tea 8’'13
Animalist Manifesto 0’'53
Gaietto Dawn & Matt Beach
[ extractions ] experiments in time 7''
Bona M Konior
Sorcery Means 16''
Gui Pondé
 Black Jaguar 5’8’’

Taïs Bean
Beauty of an Onion 6''
Florence Devereux
Business is Business 7’’


An Exhibition by Florence Devereux and Taïs Bean
With Fred Hubble and Guests
01/10 - 03/10 2017
Basement Flat, 72 Haverstock Hill, NW3 2BE

Florence Devereux and Taïs Bean have fed their own individual practices through their conversations and common concerns towards modern western society’s isolation to the wider ecosystems it lives in. This lack of engagement and respect has catastrophic results, not only environmental, but also resonating within our social and economic ways of relating to one another. Their practice, processes and curatorial projects is moved by their attempt to celebrate and contemplate the mysterious, numinous interdependence that weaves life together. Experimenting with new and old languages of connection and collaboration, the exhibition is part of their attempt to embody an animist worldview as a starting point to finding a solution to our disconnection with the natural, urban and social environments. The artists define animism as a worldview that grants agency to all beings, that re-establishes a sense of mystery and sacredness when relating to other life forms, human or not.

For ‘Lunch at the Nipple Dome’, Florence and Taïs are exploring archetypal cycles, celebrating death and life, desire and repulsion, togetherness and isolation, intimacy and mystery… Looking at the two side of these dualities as one, they suggest that a true ecosystems - a complete life form-  acknowledges, transforms and uses everything it is made of.

In response to Art Licks’s 2017 theme ‘Finding Solutions’, FlorenceTaïs and Fred Hubble are proposing, during a round table, to gather and connect different cultural actors weaving the ecosystem of London art scene, to share about their challenges and creative solutions. Fred will be cooking and offering a lunch inspired by the Surrealists' cookbook.

When socio-economical contexts get harder and impact the health of culture, it is important for cultural actors to remember to share knowledge and resources, to collaborate rather than compete and maintain a sense of support system that will feed individuals as well as the collective.
They will be closing their show with a screening night, proposing independent short movies from various artists, loosely exploring what Taïs and Florence call a contemporary animist perspective.