Mother, I’ve lost my colored pencils

I am right you are right she is right he is right we are right you are right they are right

I am left you are left she is left he is left we are left you are left they are left

  1. hide as much as you want
  2. crawl back inside
  3. little love
  4. lovely little one
  5. your mask is none of my business
  6. your costume does not belong in my bed
  7. oh joyful joyful waves
  8. i dreamt in a boat
  9. that i was in a dream
  10. you were not there
  11. you are nowhere 
  12. as much as i twist bodies
  13. now what becomes of the world
  14. the world outside
  15. cliffs of outrage
  16. hellish absurdity
  17. yet wider encompassing love
  18. arms tender like the skies
  19. don’t hold on to life itself
  20. nothing belongs
  21. even for a second
  22. to your heart.
  23. Yet you hold beauty somewhere
  24. even if it is never to be seen
  25. it is to be protected and held
  26. with arms tender like the skies.
  27. held in this way, and only in this way
  28. will you hold others 
  29. with arms tender like the skies