You, who so Proudly hold your Shield

as if its jewels were yours

As if its splendor was your heart's,

What do you make of me, standing in front of you

What do you make of you, standing blind to me?

I can sing forever, you know I can. 

I dare you to never listen

I dare you to dance in your heavy armor

I dare you to hold anyone with your limbs covered in steel, your hands holding your proud, jeweled shield.

I dare you to never show yourself and let your walls enslave your joy into thick, stiff pride

coagulated blood behind your eyes and ears,

around your heart and fears.


They say giants live slower

Experience time on a different scale.

It is believed that they can see mountains move like waves

Crawling, folding and breathing into sand.

The earth opens its mouth and exhales new ones

like the tides.

Hidden current of the ground.


Beaming in my basement

My Moon is out for the Solstice.

Holly wholesome holes hold me in full void

I taste death on lunations

No fear no mourning

A Creative Creature folded into liquid streaming screams

Periodically carrying care and ruled release,

ruling blossom of dead fruits.

My holly wholesome hole held in full void

Biding bird bending for Love.

I bleed and I see

All I do is transport and transform,

as Hollow as Blood.